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In U.S. economic news, revised productivity for the fourth-quarter remained flat, moving slightly higher than the decline of 0.1% reported in the prior quarter, and was higher than economists’ estimates of a 0.1% reduction as well. Germany’s exports & imports declined sequentially in January, but continued to grow on a year-over-year basis. Exports decreased in January by 0.5%, missing analyst’s expactations of a 0.3% increase. Imports decreased by 0.5% in January, well below a December increase of 1.1% and a forecasted 0.2% decrease.China’s inflation increased to its highest point since November 2013, rising to 2.9% in February, higher than the 1.5% rise seen in January, also topping analysts’ forecasts of a 2.4% increase. Meanwhile, producer price inflation dropped to 3.7% in February from the 4.3% seen in January.

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